What’s In My Beach Bag

My Saint Augustine trip is coming closer and closer, and I’m so excited to spend my spring break lounging on the beach and forgetting about all the responsibilities from my real life for a few days. Being the obsessive over-planner that I am, I already have the contents of my beach bag mapped out, and today I’m going to share those with y’all!

  • The Beach Bag
    • This is an essential because it carries all your other items! I went with a canvas bag in off-white and black to keep it neutral. It zips up on top to keep sand from getting absolutely everywhere, and is big enough to store bigger things like a towel and speakers.
  • Sunglasses
    • I love sunglasses (always have) so naturally, I’m bringing a few pairs on this trip. A new pair of shades I ordered recently is this minimalist black and gold pair. I can’t wait to break them out on Sunday!
  • Beach Hat
    • I’ve never been much of a sunhat person, but when I saw this cute one in the Target dollar section, I couldn’t pass it up! They had a few assorted phrases, but since I love a good pun, I went with “beach please.” 😉
  • Sunscreen
    • Keeping with the sun-protection theme, one super important item in my bag is sunscreen with some serious SPF. I already get SPF through my morning moisturizer and primer, but when I’m going to be spending hours out by the ocean, I make sure I pack some sunscreen SPF 50+.
  • Flip-Flops
    • The sand can get sort of spicy, so I always make sure to bring a pair of cute flip-flops with me, even if I end up walking home barefoot in the end. My favorite pair are these lemon ones from Kate Spade.
  • Beach Read
    • The glare from the sun makes it hard for me to be on my phone, so I opt for a beach read instead. One of the books I’m bringing is called The Champagne Diet- look for a book review on it soon!

I’m so excited for my trip, I can’t believe it’s only 5 days away! The weather is gloomy today but writing this post put me in a much sunnier mood.


What’s In My Bag?

I’m a pretty simple person when it comes to what I need to constantly carry with me in my day-to-day life, especially when I’m just out running errands.

I use a black Kate Spade saddle bag, that I bought in 2016. I love my Kate Spade purses because they are such high quality and last forever when taken care of correctly. It’s the perfect size to hold all my necessities.

As for what I actually carry, my most important item is my Kate Spade keychain wallet. When I keep my essential wallet items attached to my car and house keys, it makes it impossible for me to leave anything important at home (drivers license, credit cards, etc.) especially since I don’t take my purse with me every day. On school days especially, I just grab my backpack and my keys, and I’m out the door.

I also like to carry sunglasses with me. I don’t need to drive with sunglasses on sunny days, but it never hurts (and adds a lot to my aesthetic most of the time.) I got the pair I’m using currently from Target, and I think they are so cute!

I don’t carry a makeup bag or anything like that with me when I go out, but I do typically have my two most important touch-up makeup items: concealer and lipgloss. Right now, I’m using Clinique powder concealer (I have normal-to-oily skin) and Victoria’s Secret lip gloss.

My final item I like to keep in my bag is a handful of mints. I hate the feeling of having bad breath, and much prefer mints to gum. Despite being so sugary, they’re relatively low-calorie, so I don’t feel guilty eating one to two (or sometimes three…)

And that’s all I usually keep on me for day-to-day errands! I adjust what I’m carrying based on if I’m traveling, going out with friends, etc., but these items are usually the staple.

I hope you enjoyed reading about what’s in my bag, and check back soon for new lifestyle posts from me!