Today’s post is a little different! I am part of a sorority called Tau Beta Sigma. Last night we had our Third Degree, or our last phase of initiation before our membership candidates become active sisters. There’s a lot I can’t tell you (rituals are secret), but there’s some I can, as well! So beyond the rituals, here’s my favorite parts of last night.

Third Degree is heavily joint with our brother chapter, Kappa Kappa Psi. We are both the Delta chapters, meaning we were the fourth chapters in the nation for each of our respective organizations to become active. One part of Third Degree that is joint with KKY is the membership candidate skits. Once our rituals are over, this is a great way for the MCs to have fun and share their class’ personality with the actives a little more.

After skits, we had our final joint ritual in Sharp concert hall. I love joint rituals because I get to spend time with my KKY brothers that I don’t see as much. When that was over, it was time for photos! I’m a grand-big this year (AKA: my littles took littles this year) so I got a picture with me and my family. I love them all and they make me so happy!

Top: Me
Middle: Braden, Nadia, & Devin (my littles)
Bottom: Emily, Taylor, Caden, Cameron, & Kelsey (my g-littles)

I’m the TBS historian, so I got to take a giant group photo of both chapters at the very end! We’re pretty large, and I had to go up several rows of seats into the concert hall to get everyone in the shot. I’ve been TBS historian for 2 years and I’m running for a different officer position for next year, so I’m very sad that my time as historian is over. I love taking pictures of my sisters and brothers.

The Delta chapters of TBS and KKY have my whole heart. I can’t wait to make even more memories with them for my senior year. Congratualtions Delta Zetas and Zeta Kappas, you’re active sisters and brothers!