What I’ve Been Doing In Quarantine

We’re a little over a month into quarantine, and it would be easy to say I’m not going crazy being stuck inside. However, I have been trying to make good use of my time, and keep a balance between work and relaxation. This was a tough balance to find at first- working from home is not my forte- but the longer I’ve gone on, the easier it’s become. Here’s how I’ve been spending my days since shelter-in-place went into effect.

1. Got an internship

More on this in an upcoming post, but I was incredibly lucky to score a social media internship position with Tart-a-licious French Desserts during this quarantine experience! Since I have extra free time now that I’m not going to physical classes or commuting to campus, an internship seemed like the perfect way to fill my time. Can’t wait to share more about my experience soon!

2. Updated my resume

With new industry experience comes a new resume. I’m particularly anal about mine (not surprising when you own a resume design business) and reformatting mine to fit my new experiences was a lot of fun. I can’t wait to use it to start lobbying for a summer internship position!

3. Found new resume clients

I’m not the only one needing a new resume right now! To help those affected by COVID-19, I’m currently offering a discount of $30/document to all new resume clients. Hopefully this is able to help those seeking employment in a troubled job market. (Interested? Email me at kaylamccullough@ou.edu)

4. Designed for Redbubble

Recently, I realized I need to start capitalizing on my graphic design skills and upload more of my work to Redbubble. If you have anything you want to see, let me know!

5. Started rewatching Gossip Girl

This one shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. I’ve been binging Gossip Girl since my sophomore year of high school (7 whole years, which is kinda crazy) and I just got back into it recently. Since I’ve seen the whole series all the way through more than 10 times, it’s the perfect show to have on in the background if I’m doing other things. Currently on season 4!

6. Played animal crossing

Wild World, not New Horizons. For some reason I just can’t give the Nintendo DS version up- I’ve had it since 5th grade and still love socializing with my villagers and taking care of my town when I have some down time. It’s a great way to decompress, as well!

7. Stayed focused on my goals

COVID-19 may have stopped normal life, but school goes on. I’m gearing up to finish my semester and graduate in a few weeks, albeit without a ceremony. However, I’m excited to officially have my bachelor’s degree and officially be a master’s student! After I finish writing this post I’m going to start working on my 2-year plan. I’m excited to see where life takes me over the next year and the year after my master’s graduation, and I want to be prepared!


Back At It

It feels so great to be back! For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been trying to get over a bad case of bronchitis that seriously knocked me off my feet. I missed a week of work, since I could barely do more than browse Pinterest and binge Gossip Girl in bed. But after 14 days of sickness and 12 different medications, I finally found something that worked and I’m going to be back at my internship today.

Since this is my first time out of pajamas in a while, I knew I wanted to dress comfortably. (I have had ample time to brainstorm new outfit ideas while stuck in bed, but jumping straight from flannel to a denim mini skirt felt like a lot.) After some brief deliberation while standing in my closet this morning, I settled on a soft knit t-shirt dress and leggings for today’s #OOTD. Comfy and cute!


Jacket: Freeborn Denim Jacket – Target
Dress: Striped T-Shirt Dress (similar)
Leggings: High-Waist Leggings – Yogalicious
Shoes: Advantage Sneaker – Adidas

I only have 2 weeks left here in Austin, and I’m ready to finish up showing y’all the city before I move back to Norman in August. I’m glad my sickness will soon be a distant memory, because I still have some things I want to do!


New and Fresh and Golden

Wow, I’ve missed writing for you guys! I’ve spent the past few days moving to Austin for my internship and getting settled into my new room. It took me a little bit to figure out where my new #OOTD backdrop was going to be, but I figured it out, and now I get to start sharing fashion content with y’all again!

“Today, everything is new and fresh and golden. Today my internship begins.”

-Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl Season 4: Episode 13

Today was the first day of my internship at bread & Butter PR, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t watch Gossip Girl 4:13 when I was getting ready this morning. Luckily, my day consisted of a lot more work and a lot less backstabbing than Blair’s first day at her internship!

When I showed up for my first day, I found out that I was actually overdressed. Jeans are perfectly fine at b&B, so I’ll definitely be taking advantage of that in the days to come! Although, all things considered, today’s outfit choice was a pretty comfy one.


Top: Women’s Fitted Short Sleeve Crew T-Shirt – Target
Pants: Paper-bag Pants – H&M
Shoes: Sternatia Flat – Aldo

Going a few days without posting was strange for me, but it was important that I prioritized moving in and getting settled prior to my big first day! Can’t wait to show more #OOTDs with y’all soon, especially because of b&B’s casual chic dress code!


Lazy Saturday

I don’t have class on Friday this semester, so it’s basically like I get 2 Saturdays back-to-back. I try to do a lot of my work on Friday when I’m still in a “school week” mindset, and that mindset in turn provides me with a weekend day that I can pretty much spend doing whatever I want.

I tend to keep my Saturdays pretty casual. I sleep in until 9 (yes, I consider that sleeping in) and then spend my morning catching up on social media, watching the newest “Say Yes to the Dress” episode while eating my breakfast, and getting in an at-home workout. Being active early in the day is imperative for my Saturdays because it keeps me from feeling like I didn’t accomplish anything during the rest of my day.

While my mornings are pretty uniform, my afternoons are super varied. This is my day to spend entirely doing what I want, so it changes week-to-week. Sometimes, I make the trek to the Target shopping center and do some clothes shopping. Other days, I stay at home and binge watch some Netflix (probably Gossip Girl, if we’re being honest.) And if I’m feeling social, sometimes I’ll make the afternoon an adventure and go out with friends.

But no matter what I’m doing, I always make an effort to get dressed in an outfit I like that makes me feel good. Something I’ve learned is that when I stay in pajamas all day, I feel worse about myself than when I intentionally take time to pick out what I’m going to wear that day.

I appreciate my extra “me-day” so much. It really allows me to unwind and mentally prepare for the week ahead. What day do you dedicate to your “me time”?


Book Review: Leave Your Mark

One of my new year’s resolutions for 2019 was to read one new book a month. When I was younger, I would churn through books at an almost alarming pace- 3-5 chapter books a week. But through high school and college, reading for pleasure got pushed to the side in favor of “more important” things, like homework and extracurriculars.

Recently, my literary obsession has been self-help books. I have what seems like a million saved on my wish list on Amazon, and am always thinking about which one I’ll buy next (despite having many, many unread ones sitting on my bedside table.) I love a good fiction book, but I’m at a point in my life where I’m getting serious about advancing myself professionally and personally. Because of that, self-help books are becoming my go-to.

But enough about me. On to the review!

Leave Your Mark: Aliza Licht

To be honest, I bought this book based solely off the cover. Beyond the tagline on the front, I didn’t really have an idea of what this book was about. I figured it would generally give me advice on growing professionally and building a social media presence- all things important in the PR field, but not specifically targeted towards me.

How wrong I would be. It’s like Aliza wrote this book specifically targeted towards me. With every page I turned, I was shocked at how relevant this book was to me and where I’m at in my career. I actually almost started crying because of how perfect it was: it’s targeted towards people starting out in the fashion public relations world, and details everything from getting your first internship to building your personal brand.

Aliza Licht started out as a pre-med major in college and eventually realized that medicine was not the path for her. At a crossroads, she dove into the world of fashion journalism and worked at Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire before ultimately switching careers to public relations. As a senior vice president of global communications for Donna Karan and DKNY, she was a pioneer in the social media industry when she created the twitter account “DKNY PR GIRL.” DKNY PR GIRL shared a behind-the-scenes look at the DKNY brand and built a loyal following by interacting with her followers, which she lovingly called “friends.” She uses what she’s learned through her multiple careers to mentor young professionals and share her secrets to success.

Aliza’s story (and advice) resonated with me because it was so similar to my own. I started as a broadcast journalism major, before switching to online journalism and finally realizing my true fit was in PR. Sometimes, I feel as though I switched majors too late in my college career and am struggling to catch up with my peers. But this book reassured me that you can succeed in a PR career no matter when (or how “late”) you begin.

For me, my favorite part of the book was the Gossip Girl references. Gossip Girl was a huge inspiration for Aliza when she started the DKNY PR GIRL Twitter account and she often channeled Gossip Girl’s catty writing style in her tweets. Getting to see my favorite show of all-time referenced in a book I was already obsessed with was an unexpected (but very happy) surprise.

Another part of the book I enjoyed was the section on personal style. Aliza gives this advice in Chapter 16:

“Record best outfits. Believe it or not, a good style moment can be forgotten in a nanosecond. If you find a great look that made you feel wonderful that day, write it down, or better yet photograph it. Trust me, your brain won’t remember it otherwise.”

When I read that, all the photos I’ve ever taken of my OOTDs were suddenly so validated. By making sure to record my outfits and keep them handy, I’m making sure to keep snapshots of outfit combinations that made me feel good. It’s not weird, in fact, it’s encouraged.

I would recommend this book to all young professionals trying to build their brand, but especially people in PR. Honestly, I feel like I learned more in this book than I did in my entire semester of Intro to Public Relations. It’s a game changer, and is helping to set me on the path to growing my personal brand and securing an amazing internship!

You can purchase Leave Your Mark here.

To connect with Aliza Licht, you can visit her website, Twitter, or Instagram.