You Know You Love Me: An OOTD

Can you believe that in the entirety of my blogging career, I’ve never done a Gossip Girl or Blair Waldorf-inspired look? If you know me IRL, that’s probably super surprising- I was surprised too! But in the spirit of our favorite UES Queen B, that drought ends today. Today’s look is completely inspired by Blair Waldorf herself!

Ever since I first watched Gossip Girl in 2014, Blair Waldorf has been such a style (and well, LIFEstyle) icon for me. Her headband and winter coat collections were to die for, and it would be a lie to say that my taste hasn’t been impacted by BCW. Today I decided to have a self-care day (something I haven’t truly committed to in a long time, especially with the end of my school year finishing up recently) and use Blair Waldorf as an inspiration. Some things on the agenda? Macchiatos, macarons, and museums, of course!

No Blair outfit is complete without florals, a headband, and a killer pair of heels. While I could usually pass on a floral motif, I decided to really lean into it today as part of the theme. I’m glad I did- this dress is so pretty, and I’ve been looking for an excuse to wear it!


Headband: Satin Knot Headband – Target
Earrings: Repurposed Chanel Earrings (similar)
Dress: Floral Dress – ASTR
Purse: Tory Burch Crossbody (similar)
Heels: Hailee Sandal – Kate & Kelly

Are you excited for the GG reboot dropping on July 8? I seriously cannot wait- I’ve been binging the original so I’m ready for the reboot’s release. Can’t wait for a new generation of style icons!


How To Create The Perfect Vision Board

If you saw my college apartment bedroom reveal for this school year, then you probably saw the vision board that I have mounted on the wall above my desk. I find that my vision board is a great way to keep me focused on my goals throughout the year and helps me keep the big picture in mind when I’m faced with difficult tasks or challenging work. Today, I’m going to share some tips for creating your own vision board and walk you through the process I used!

1. Decide if your board is going to be physical or virtual

My vision board is this linen bulletin board from U Brands, as I prefer my vision boards to be physical. However, you can easily follow the same steps and combine them into a virtual collage (such as for a desktop background) at the end.

2. Reflect on your ultimate goals and aspirations

Once you’ve decided how you will be presenting your finished product, it’s time to reflect on the goals and aspirations you want your vision board to represent. I wanted my board to reflect themes such as the city I want to live in, dream employers or brands I would love to work with, ideas for my dream home, etc.

3. Collect your visuals

Pinterest is my favorite avenue for actually collecting images, but any website you choose to use is fine. At this stage, it’s important to only choose images or quotes that you feel strongly drawn towards. This ensures that what you’re choosing actually represents your greatest dreams and ambitions.

4. Print and arrange your photos or Combine them into a virtual collage

Once you’re satisfied with what you’ve collected, it’s time to put it all together. Canva is a great option for virtual vision boards, but I stuck with printing mine on photo paper and arranging them by hand. Rearrange until you’re happy with how it looks, then pin them down! Once that’s done, you’re ready to hang.

I love my vision board and I’m actually a little sad I’m home for the holidays and don’t get to see it every day. It will be waiting for me when I return in the spring, though!