Born With Good Jeans

Before I get into today’s #OOTD details, I just wanted to share some huge personal news I got on Friday! Back in February, I applied to be a part of Gaylord’s 4+1 Program, where, if accepted, I would be able to start graduate-level course work for my senior year, finish up my bachelor’s degree (in May 2020,) and then graduate with my master’s degree in May 2021. As you may have guessed, on Friday I got the news that I had been accepted and will be starting in the 4+1 Program this fall! I am elated, to say the least, and am so ready to start with my graduate courses in August. Okay, now that I got that out of the way, on to today’s #OOTD…

I had a concert band “dress rehearsal” (AKA just an extra weekend rehearsal) today, so I wanted to make sure I would be comfy when I was sitting and playing for two hours. I opted for a traditional-denim-on-black-denim ensemble. It’s a similar vibe to an outfit I wore a few weeks ago, although that one was paired with a black dress instead!


Bandana: Leopard Print Bandana – Hobby Lobby
Jacket: Cropped Denim Jacket (similar)
Tank Top: Black Rib-Knit Tank – Old Navy 
Belt: Loop Belt – Target
Jeans: Mid-Rise Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans – Old Navy
Shoes: Advantage Sneaker – Adidas

Anyways, I’m still kind of in shock over my grad school acceptance! I knew I had the grades and got great rec letters, but it’s still so cool to see my hard work pay off so tangibly. If you’re interested in what I’m doing as a public relations student, you can check out my professional portfolio online at

I’ll be back with a new #OOTD soon, so check back for that!


Dreaming of Spring (Break)

Even though today is the first day of March, in Norman the weather is still in full-on winter mode. We had an icy day that turned into an icy week, and today was the first day where driving around town seemed totally safe.

Desperate to forget the cold, I went shopping with my friend Jaycie for the spring break trip we’re both going on in two weeks. I got a ton of cute things, and I can’t wait to show y’all when the time comes!

Even though I was shopping for beach clothes, the current weather conditions dictated that I had to dress a little (or a lot) warmer than what we’ll experience in Saint Augustine. Wearing a lot of layers when you’re going different places and trying on clothes is kind of a pain, but I didn’t want to freeze, so I opted for a simple sweater/jeans/coat combo. I stuck with my Adidas sneakers so I wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of taking boots on and off.


Sunglasses: Cateye Sunglasses – Target
Coat: Brown Coat (similar)
Sweater: White Turtleneck Sweater (similar)
Belt: Loop Belt – Target
Jeans: Mid-Rise Rockstar 24/7 Jeans – Old Navy
Shoes: Advantage Sneaker – Adidas

Hopefully the weather warms up in the next few weeks, because my shopping spree today has me so excited for spring and summer outfit possibilities! Keep checking back to see my next #OOTD!


Jenny From The Block

Hey everyone! It’s time for another #OOTD post!

Today I’m heavily feeling my braids, as you can see. I thought they really pulled this outfit together (I usually wear my hair down.) I love the gold accents from my earrings and my belt and that the whole outfit is so delightfully neutral while also sporting an extremely bold print. (I also was told that I gave off Jenny from the Block vibes, which inspired the title.)

Shop the look:

Hat: Newsboy Cap (similar)
Earrings: Smooth Metal C Hoop Earrings – Target
Turleneck: Leopard Turtleneck (similar)
Jeans: Mid-Rise Rockstar 24/7 Jeans – Old Navy
Belt: Loop Belt – Target
Shoes: Advantage Sneaker – Adidas

Thanks for reading! Keep checking back so you don’t miss my next #OOTD!


Red Velvet

Today’s #OOTD is really from yesterday, but I’m going to share it anyways!

Yesterday, I was heading to my sorority’s sisterhood retreat so I wanted to make sure I was comfy for the 2 hour car ride.

I love this red velvet sweatshirt because it’s so soft and cozy. I got it from Uptown Cheapskate and I think it’s meant to be a kid’s sweatshirt because it’s a size XL. (If it is actually adult sized, then frankly, I’m offended.) The black belt and jeans combo is a staple in my wardrobe that you’ll probably see pretty often. I wore my favorite black sunglasses on the ride down, too.

Shop the look:

Sweatshirt: Velvet Top – Daytrip
Jeans: Mid-Rise Rockstar 24/7 Jeans – Old Navy
Belt: Loop Belt – Target
Sunglasses: Cateye Sunglasses – Target
Shoes: Advantage Sneaker – Adidas

Thanks for reading! Check back soon for my next #OOTD.



Ahh! I can’t believe I actually did it! I’ve been thinking of making a blog to house all of my #OOTDs for a while but I don’t know if I ever seriously expected it to come to fruition. I am so excited!

And now, I’m giving the people what they want: my OOTD!

Maybe one day I’ll have a better way to share my outfits than a traditional mirror selfie. But for now, it gets the job done.

Anna Wintour has famously said that all-black outfits are boring, but I find that couldn’t be further from the truth. I love having an all-black outfit underneath my brown winter coat- I think that the head-to-toe black fits nicely under the brown, but also can stand on its own.

Thanks for reading my first ever post on Selfies & OOTDs! Check back soon to see what I’ll be wearing next.