The Ultimate Spring Break Beach Vacation Packing List

It’s March now, which means that spring break is right around the corner. Last year, some of my girlfriends and I took a trip down to St. Augustine, Florida, where we spent a glorious 6 days relaxing on the beach, indulging in great food, and exploring the city.

When it came time to pack last year, I was kind of at a loss. What’s important? What isn’t? And as a chronic overpacker, I stuffed my carry-on-sized suitcase to the brim and hoped for the best.

While I’m not heading back to the sun and the surf this spring break (although stay tuned to see where I will be headed), I wanted to share my tips and tricks on what you need and what you don’t for the ultimate spring break beach vacation.

I’ll be detailing my top 10 items below, and attaching a full packing checklist at the bottom full of everything you’ll need. Let’s dive right in!

1. Swimsuit(s)

If you’re on a beach vacation, this should be a no-brainer. You can probably get away with just one bathing suit if you won’t be swimming every day, but if you will be, pack multiple: because believe me, putting back on a damp or sandy swimsuit is no fun.

2. Sundress

Going out to dinner, walking around town, or even just hanging around the beach house- a flowy sundress is a must! They’re super versatile and can be used for several different outings.

3. Light jacket

Hopefully your trip is sunny and warm, but if mother nature doesn’t favor you and you’re struggling to soak in those rays a light jacket will be your best friend. Beach weather can change on a dime and a light jacket will make sure you don’t get too cold.

4. Sunglasses

The ocean glare can be super bright, so always pack sunglasses to protect your eyes while you’re lounging in the sand. You really only need one pair, but they don’t take up a lot of space, so you can pack multiple if you would like!

5. Multi-purpose sandals

If you’re traveling with a big group or flying with a carry-on, luggage space is limited. Luckily, most beach clothing doesn’t take up a lot of room, but picking pairs of shoes that are super versatile can really help maximize your luggage space. Sandals that you can wear out to grab lunch or to a bar later in the night serve double duty and help you have more space in your luggage for other things!

6. Cover-up

Depending on the area you’re in, you might be privy to restaurants or bars right on the beach. Packing a cover-up ensures you’ll be able to go in and grab a drink or bite to eat during your beach day!

7. Shorts

Probably no explanation necessary, right? Pack a couple pairs of shorts and you’ll be ready for anything you have planned, from a beach day to lunch downtown.

8. Multi-purpose tops

Much like with sandals, packing tops that can go from day to night will really save you space in your luggage. Flowy tank tops and bandeaus are your best bet!

9. Scrunchies/bandanas

Down by the ocean can get pretty windy, so prepare to hold your hair back with scrunchies or bandanas! Anything that helps keep your hair out of your face will be essential.

10. Sneakers

If you’re in a beach town with things to do other than hang out in the sand, you’ll want a cute and comfy pair of sneakers to walk around in! I wore mine out to a local farmer’s market and coffee shop.

And that’s my top 10! Here’s a full list of everything you’ll need:

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments, and have a great time on your vacation!


P.S. Heading to St. Augustine or somewhere similar? Check out my recap posts from spring break 2019 to see what we did on our trip!

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What’s In My Beach Bag

My Saint Augustine trip is coming closer and closer, and I’m so excited to spend my spring break lounging on the beach and forgetting about all the responsibilities from my real life for a few days. Being the obsessive over-planner that I am, I already have the contents of my beach bag mapped out, and today I’m going to share those with y’all!

  • The Beach Bag
    • This is an essential because it carries all your other items! I went with a canvas bag in off-white and black to keep it neutral. It zips up on top to keep sand from getting absolutely everywhere, and is big enough to store bigger things like a towel and speakers.
  • Sunglasses
    • I love sunglasses (always have) so naturally, I’m bringing a few pairs on this trip. A new pair of shades I ordered recently is this minimalist black and gold pair. I can’t wait to break them out on Sunday!
  • Beach Hat
    • I’ve never been much of a sunhat person, but when I saw this cute one in the Target dollar section, I couldn’t pass it up! They had a few assorted phrases, but since I love a good pun, I went with “beach please.” 😉
  • Sunscreen
    • Keeping with the sun-protection theme, one super important item in my bag is sunscreen with some serious SPF. I already get SPF through my morning moisturizer and primer, but when I’m going to be spending hours out by the ocean, I make sure I pack some sunscreen SPF 50+.
  • Flip-Flops
    • The sand can get sort of spicy, so I always make sure to bring a pair of cute flip-flops with me, even if I end up walking home barefoot in the end. My favorite pair are these lemon ones from Kate Spade.
  • Beach Read
    • The glare from the sun makes it hard for me to be on my phone, so I opt for a beach read instead. One of the books I’m bringing is called The Champagne Diet- look for a book review on it soon!

I’m so excited for my trip, I can’t believe it’s only 5 days away! The weather is gloomy today but writing this post put me in a much sunnier mood.