Crocodile Rock: Styling Unconventional Animal Print

I’ve always been a sucker for traditional animal prints like leopard and cheetah, but recently I’ve been drawn to less common animal prints, as well. Snakeskin, crocodile- basically everything is fair game for my closet. While leopard is fairly classic and easy to style, I’ve found it’s a little harder to put together a look that incorporates an untraditional print.

When styling something like crocodile print, I’ve found that it works best to lean into the edginess it inherently possess. Mom jeans aren’t the move here- a fitted skirt is my go-to and what I have found works best. High-waisted shorts (not too baggy!) could be a viable option, as well. I love this light-wash skirt from Target because it provides a nice color contrast to the black shirt. My Adidas sneakers help tie some black back into the bottom of my outfit, rounding everything out.


Top: Black Stand Collar Crocodile Shirt – SHEIN
Skirt: Women’s Seamed Denim Mini Skirt – Wild Fable
Shoes: Grand Court Sneaker – Adidas

I’ve already purchased snakeskin and crocodile-print shirts- is there anything else I should consider adding to my wardrobe? I never met an animal print I didn’t love, so I’m open to any and all suggestions!


thank u, next

Is it super obvious what album I listened to as I wrote this post?

This Ariana Grande tee is one of my latest H&M finds- I saw it and immediately knew it was meant for me. Her thank u, next album is full of bops, and “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” is definitely up there for me!

I’m a huge fan of black and pastel pink (it gives me Barbie vibes) so I knew I should pair it with my lace-up black skirt- possibly the only other item in my wardrobe that can rival this shirt’s sassiness. And what would a sassy #OOTD be without some hoops and a half-up, half-down pony? Incomplete. That’s what.


Scrunchie: Black Scrunchie – Walmart
Earrings: Silver Hoop Earrings – Walmart
Top: Ariana Grande Tee – H&M
Skirt: Lace-Up Skirt (similar) 
Shoes: Grand Court Sneaker – Adidas

This Ariana tee definitely isn’t the only light pink item I picked up in my recent haul. I can’t wait to keep showcasing my finds over the coming weeks!


Queen of Army Green

I’m traveling today, so today’s #OOTD post is actually yesterday’s! It was a little chilly in the morning but I knew it would warm up later in the day, so I wanted something with layers that could transition easily from morning to afternoon.

I love my black dress (I’ve featured several outfits with it before,) but something I don’t like about it as much is the lack of definition it gives me at the waist. By tying a jacket around, it allows me to cinch the fabric in at the waist area and give my look the definition it needs!


Bandana: Black Bandana – Hobby Lobby
Jacket: Army Green Jacket (similar)
Dress: Slub-Knit Tee Dress – Old Navy
Shoes:Advantage Sneaker – Adidas

I’m in my layover in Houston right now, headed to Corpus Christi for Easter weekend! I am so excited to see my family (and one of my dogs) and spend time with them through Sunday. I can’t wait to share our Saturday beach adventures with y’all, so check back for those!


A Big Re-Leaf

Yesterday, I had a 10 page research paper due for my US-Latin American Relations class. I usually don’t mind writing papers, especially when I get to choose the subject matter, but for some reason I put that monstrosity of a research paper off until 10 hours before the due date. Thanks to some study tunes, the focused vibe of the Bizzell Memorial Library, and lots of coffee, I got it done with an hour and a half to spare. It was a real relief, for sure.

Since I was still feeling strained from all the brain exertion I put forth yesterday, I made sure to keep to a more laid-back #OOTD today to help me recover. It was a little toasty in my jeans, but comfy nonetheless!


Sunglasses: Cateye Sunglasses – Target
Shirt: V-Neck Tee (similar)
Belt: Loop Belt – Target
Jeans: Mid-Rise Rockstar 24/7 Jeans – Old Navy
Shoes: Advantage Sneaker – Adidas

The weather is getting to be in the 80s consistently and I am so excited! It’s about time to pack up my winter gear and bring the summer wardrobe back out full-time. Keep checking back to see my next #OOTD!


Flight of the Bumblebee

It was marginally warmer today, so I actually got to wear something cute instead of just dressing to stay warm! Yesterday morning Norman was blessed with wind chills of -6, so I had to temporarily forego fashion and focus on avoiding frostbite. Luckily, today was back in the 40s so an average amount of layers was appropriate!

I love my overalls because of how diverse they are. I’ve shown an outfit with them on the blog before, but this one has a completely different vibe just from the color and style of the shirt. I’m frequently told I look like a minion or a bumblebee when I wear this yellow/black combination!


Turleneck: Yellow Turtleneck (similar) 
Overalls: Skinny Denim Overalls – Macy’s
Shoes: Advantage Sneaker – Adidas

I’m excited to share my next #OOTD with y’all soon, so keep checking back!