Like an Oreo

It was super rainy this morning, but luckily I made it to my first class before the rain started! I didn’t feel like wearing rain boots since it was going to be so humid, so I opted for leather sneakers instead. I figured that as long as I timed the rain showers right, they would at least help my feet navigate the puddles and make it through relatively unscathed.

I love my overalls; they’re transitioning into the warmer months pretty easily! This is my first time pairing them with a short-sleeve shirt and I love the way this look came together, although the complete black and white combo did have me feeling vaguely like an Oreo cookie.


Scrunchie: Black Scrunchie – Walmart
Overalls: Skinny Denim Overalls – Macy’s
Top: White Turtleneck T-Shirt (similar)
Shoes: Advantage Sneaker – Adidas

This will probably be the last super busy week of my semester, and I’m really excited! I can’t wait for the semester to be over. I love my classes, but sometimes enough is enough. I’m feeling ready to move onto next semester.

Keep checking back to see my next #OOTD!


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