Tell Me About It, Stud

I love any excuse I can get to wear my leather jacket because it makes me feel like Sandy from Grease! I recreated her final scene all-black outfit for Halloween this year, but that’s not really a look I consider modern or practical for my daily life. So when I’m wanting to channel some Pink Ladies energy, this is typically the #OOTD I lean towards. This is about as edgy as I’ll go most days!


Bandana: Leopard Print Bandana – Hobby Lobby
Jacket: Faux-Leather Moto Jacket – Macy’s
Dress: Slub-Knit Tee Dress – Old Navy
Shoes: Ward Sneaker – Vans

Honestly, my heart broke when they took Grease and Grease Live off of Netflix. I guess listening to the soundtrack on repeat will have to do…

Check back soon for my next #OOTD!


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