Marvelous Magnolia

On my way back from Austin this weekend, Kendall and I decided to stop at Magnolia Market in Waco since neither of us had ever been! I watched Fixer Upper religiously when it was on Netflix a few years ago and have been missing it recently, so this stop was just what I needed.

It was close to closing time by the time Kendall and I arrived, but we didn’t mind. We spent a lot of money in Austin this weekend and were mostly just there to look around (and maybe catch a glimpse of Chip and Joanna… fortune had favored us earlier that week with celebrities.)

Kendall broke out her DSLR camera for the second time that trip and we had a great time taking pictures in front of all the instagrammable spots. Magnolia sure is aesthetically pleasing!

It was cold and blustery that day, too, so we didn’t stay long. We just wanted to get a good idea of what Magnolia was all about, and we definitely did!

Two of my best friends go to school at Baylor, so I’m sure I’ll be back at Magnolia with the two of them at some point. Overall, it was a really cute place to walk around and soak up the “fixer upper” vibe!


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