Flight of the Bumblebee

It was marginally warmer today, so I actually got to wear something cute instead of just dressing to stay warm! Yesterday morning Norman was blessed with wind chills of -6, so I had to temporarily forego fashion and focus on avoiding frostbite. Luckily, today was back in the 40s so an average amount of layers was appropriate!

I love my overalls because of how diverse they are. I’ve shown an outfit with them on the blog before, but this one has a completely different vibe just from the color and style of the shirt. I’m frequently told I look like a minion or a bumblebee when I wear this yellow/black combination!


Turleneck: Yellow Turtleneck (similar) 
Overalls: Skinny Denim Overalls – Macy’s
Shoes: Advantage Sneaker – Adidas

I’m excited to share my next #OOTD with y’all soon, so keep checking back!


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